$SPDR max supply is 1 billion tokens.

Its distribution includes:

  • 50% (500,000,000 SPDR) to Anatoly Yakovenko, reflecting a significant milestone (Solscan)

  • 20% (200,000,000 SPDR) for liquidity creation (Solscan)

  • LP tokens burn. This highlights our dedication to value creation and market stability. (Solscan)

  • 1% (10,000,000 SPDR) to our Devs, for their work.

  • 29% (290,000,000 SPDR). strategic Deployment.

Strategic deployment for 29% of the tokens

AMM-CLMM-DeFi Liquidity Event. (12 months, active)

2% Liquidity Event to Strengthen the WEB.

A proposal aligned with our vision to enhance our ecosystemโ€™s robustness, ensuring a sustainable future.

Distributed across:

  • Meteora (SPDR)

  • Orca (SPDR)

  • Raydium (SPDR)

8% D/CLMM โ€” Treasury structure + Fuel Liquidity Availability โ€” live at launch (SPDR structural support) deployed in Orca/Raydium.

2% Collab Committee (Backers โ€” Reach Programs). 1% Board Committee (Structural Leadership).

Marketing, Liquidity Events, DevOps, Affiliate Programs (ad valorem).

2% Marketing Partnerships (Communication Campaigns; Reach accessibility; Advertising; Costs and Integration to third party platforms). 1% Board Committee (Structural Leadership).

Spiderswap's tokenomics are designed to incentivize community participation and ensure the platform's sustainability.

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