Staking - Earn

Staking in Spiderswap allows $SPDR token holders to earn passive revenue from the platform's operations.

This feature is an incentive for token holders, rewarding them for their support and investment in the ecosystem.

Rewards πŸͺ™

By staking $SPDR you could have access to exclusive token drops, higher yield multipliers for participating in partner programs, and eligibility for future community reward programs.

Effective Multipliers

The Effective Multipliers will increase the amount of Partner Tokens you get, and it can only be attained by having over 100K $SPDR staked (or lower numbers with locked vaults).

The more surplus $SPDR you have, the greater your Multipliers will be. An example of a partner token is $BSKT, which you can now earn and be rewarded with thanks to our partnership with BSKT.

Webbed Staking

The Webbed Staking it’s our locked staking, in which you can demonstrate your commitment to the Web and lock your assets for a given time, qualifying you for additional benefits and rewards.

How to stake $SPDR

  • Visit the staking page. (here:

  • Connect the wallet that holds $SPDR tokens.

  • Select the amount of $SPDR to stake. (Input the amount carefully, avoiding the use of commas.)

  • Confirm the staking transaction.

  • Once staked, you will begin to earn rewards based on the platform's distribution mechanism, which will include a share of transaction fees or other incentives.

Some benefits you can get with Webbed Staking

It will earn you additional yield according to the lockup time you pick, making your staked $SPDR earn the yield corresponding to the nominal multiplied number, instead of just for the staked $SPDR.

On top of that, those multiplied numbers were also used by our Tier calculations and are currently used on our multiplier calculations

Having $SPDR staked in the locked vaults will count towards that number with its nominal multiplied value instead of just the actual staked $SPDR amount, giving you access to higher Multipliers, which will earn you bigger Partner Token rewards, and others.

Locking up your $SPDR also qualifies you for future community reward programs.

For example: If you have 20K $SPDR locked in the 12-month vault, which gives you a 10x multiplier, will count as 200K $SPDR staked for the means of yield and Multiplier calculations.

This means you’ll earn yield as if you were staking 200K and will earn 2 multipliers for the partner token drops as if you were staking 200K.

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