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The reason SpiderSwap was created is that we wanted more. We are passionate traders who desire a platform customized to our needs. We want it to be fast, with minimal slippage, free from hidden fees, and to use only the most efficient routes.

SpiderSwap's main function is to work as an aggregator between various Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and find the most efficient route for your tokens with minimal fee, in our case static fees. Our ultimate goal is not only to provide an ultra-polished trading experience but also to closely integrate stakeholders into our rewarding structure and invite them to guide the swap through governance. More in staking

Spiderswap's fee structure has been carefully planned and initiated to support long-term growth. The primary focus is on the native token, $SPDR. The largest portion of the fees is redirected back to stakeholders through staking, liquidity provision, and liquidity buyback, all of which bolster growth in the long term on individual but also infrastructure scale. More in fees

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